Press On Eyeshadow

Get Instant Eye Makeup With The Press On Eyeshadow

Trust cosmetic manufacturers to come up with ways to make our lives easy. Eye makeup can now be applied so much faster with the advent of the press on eyeshadow. Also known as eyeshadow stickers or tattoos, these eye shadows provide you with instant eye makeup. Simply remove the eye shadow’s protective cover, and then align it to your eye lids. Press the eye shadow to your lids to transfer the design, and then carefully remove the sheet. Voila! You now have instant, professionally done eye makeup with no sweat.

Press on eye shadows often come with a primer and a powder to keep the eye shadow in place and prevent it from smudging. The setting powder is usually applied after the eyeshadow is pressed. This makes the eye shadow last throughout the day and prevents them from wearing off easily. One pack may come with one or more eyeshadow strips. There are natural looking designs as well as exotic and bold prints like leopard and zebra skin. The press on eye shadow is great for theater performances as well as for people who are in a hurry and always on the go. Simply stick and press the eyeshadow and you get instant and real looking eye makeup in seconds.

Where to Buy the Press on Eye Shadows

Avon in a Wink Instant Eyeshadow Sheets

You get these natural and professionally done eye shadows from Avon in a pack of 14 sheets. One set includes 3 neutral eyes, 2 timeless taupes, 2 lavenders, 2 blues, 3 bronzes and 2 pinks. The eye shadow stickers are easy to use and can remain crease free for hours; thus, you can create a complete look for your eyes in seconds. This press on eye shadow costs only $35.99 per pack.

Color On Professional Eye Shadow Smokey Classics

Put on smoky eye makeup with this set of 5 eyeshadow pairs. The kit comes with a powder and a brush for easy application and contains 2 pairs of noche, 2 pairs of Elle and 1 pair of Ibiza. These colors are fascinating shades to achieve a sophisticated look. One pack costs $19.99.

Xotic Eyes Circa Eye Art Applique

Xotic Eyes gives you bold, exotic and sparkly designs for your eye shadow. Perfect for dancers and theater actors, one set comes with upper eye and lower eye shadow stickers, pasty glitter goo and step by step instructions. These press on eyeshadows are reusable and water resistant. Get them from for only $13.20.

Press On Eyeshadow

The Benefits of Using a Press on Eyeshadow

  •  They’re fast and convenient. You get a professionally done eye makeup in seconds.
  •  Offers a range of choices from simple to exotic designs.
  •  Perfect for people who don’t have the expertise of applying eye makeup on their own.
  •  Ideal for costumes and performances most especially the bright, colorful and sparkly eyeshadow stickers.

Put on Different Looks with a Press on Eyeshadow

While it is important to have either a loose powder or cream eyeshadow in your makeup kit, having eye shadow stickers are also essential if you want to achieve certain looks that are difficult to create. Use a press on eyeshadow in different color combinations when you’re in your Halloween costume for instance. Or you can also use eyeshadow stickers that give your eyes a whole new look. They’re just fun to have around and allow you to further explore different possibilities.